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Authentic and Authorized

XSJewelers, as well as Paseo Jewelers, is an authorized retailer of all the brands it carries. This means the original warranty card that comes with the purchase is valid with the manufacturer, which also proves the item's authenticity. XSJ allows its customers and guests, around the world, to shop for their favorite brands with complete ease knowing that the item they receive in the mail is 100% authentic with the manufacturer's original international warranty.

Authorized vs. Unauthorized

An authorized dealer is a retailer that is able to directly order the latest pieces from a brand's catalog. Whatever original manufacturer's warranty that comes with the item is valid alongside the dealer's receipt. An authorized dealer is vetted and chosen by the brand to carry their merchandise, making sure that the dealer's business is a good reflection of their own.

An unauthorized dealer either sources their items through different means. You may be gambling with authenticity of all the parts involved with making the merchandise. What may seem authentic superficially doesn't necessarily mean that the rest of the item is authentic, especially the parts you can't so easily examine. Often times, an unauthorized dealer provides an in-house warranty or used third-party warranty companies to provide it warranty services. However these companies and services are often not 100% trust worthy as the original manufacturer's warranty.

That is why it is best to deal with authorized dealers, because your warranty that guards against defects is valid, and you can be sure in the authenticity of the item you are getting since it comes straight from the brand's warehouse. 

Authentic vs Inauthentic

This may be very intuitive, and it is. An item is either authentic or inauthentic. However, the line of being able to tell the difference between an authentic and inauthentic item is becoming much thinner. This is especially the case when pertaining to the high end brands. In fact, it is such a problem for Rolex that the brand has recently been very open about its crusade against counterfeits. This is where XSJ's main focus lies. We allow people around the world to shop with ease on our platform. The days of worrying about your item's authenticity are long gone.